“I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.” – LMVDR

We went to a design talk at the city museum earlier this year. The speaker was a design manager currently working for a luxury car brand. There was little information on the speaker available on-line so there was really nothing for us to expect (or maybe a lot). The speaker was a graduate from the same university I went to, he worked a few years abroad, then he enrolled to a west coast design school in the US (in his early thirties!). There he pursued his desire for industrial design, specifically for designing cars.

Throughout the talk, he showed us drawings, sketches and told us stories on how he was working on one industry but he always ended up sketching and designing cars for fun on his free time. He told us of that moment in his life where he was convinced that he needed to do something about it. And from there, it was the turning point of his career. From there it was a concentrated push for him to get himself ready to get in the automotive design industry.

He looked like the happiest man I ever saw in a long time.

Comparisons. My head was filled with comparisons and parallelisms. There were too much similarities in his stories and what I am experiencing right then. The sketches, the hundreds of thumbnails, his school, his course, his work, the way the did it, at what point he did it, etc., etc. etc. I can literally pick a point in his story timeline and say “I am here” and look what’s store for me! I felt so inspired to pursue and develop my passion. I felt it’s God’s way of saying “get up and get moving!”.

I hope I won’t forget the way I felt that day. The feeling of certainty that it is possible.

But no two lives are lived the same way. That is the truth.

This blog is one of the ways I think I can improve on my design skills. This is an attempt to take positive steps in developing my skill, either culminate it in landing a job in one of the sportswear companies or keep a record and have this run as long as I can (hopefully I achieve the former). Design school would be perfect but currently I don’t have means to enroll.

I have a long way to go in terms of developing my design thinking, my sketching needs work and my rendering style badly needs a fresh update. This blog will help me figure out (or admit) where I am right now, see how can I improve and keep a record for myself (for you too) to see if I am improving. Well, of course, hopefully also exposure.

Here we go.



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