EARN YOUR SPOT. #Pensole #iPensole

Almost a week before Christmas I received an email informing me of one of the greatest blessings I can ever receive:

“Welcome to Pensole.”

I’m going to iPensole. 

I was in tears.

Through an online competition, my entry was chosen as 1 of the 5 the recipients of a Coroflot scholarship to iPensole, an online version of Pensole. Pensole is an innovative footwear design academy founded by former Nike/Jordan Brand design director D’Wayne Edwards. It is a pilot design program in partnership with Mesh01 that promotes “learning by doing” through mentorship from current and former Nike designers, employees and industry professionals. You get straight information on what you need to know and what you need to have to make it in the footwear design industry from those who have made it in the industry. It doesn’t get better than that.

Here’s a video of an interview of D’Wayne Edwards by CNN.


Overwhelmed. I’ve followed Pensole since it’s birth in 2010 and a lot of other aspiring designers I’ve met online and have become friends with have come to this school. I can’t even fathom their experience, amount of information and friends they made through this program. I’ve always wanted to go to Portland and take the classes there but financial circumstances prove otherwise. Who knows? I might be able to in the future but now this is the next best thing and I feel so blessed!

This is for those who believe and continue to work with me in developing my skills, thank you.

I hope I won’t get too starstruck or nervous and make the best of this chance.

A shot to earn my spot!

Thanks to Mesh01, Core77, Coroflot and Pensole!




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