Shaqnosis Remix #ShoeADay #Shaq #BigDiesel #Reebok

Merry Christmas!

I’m sharing a doodle I did a few days back that had a few likes on my Instagram account (thanks to ConceptKicks!). Decided to take the sketch a bit further and create a render.

I remember I had a pair back then ’95-’96. The black paint on the midsole chipped and faded after a while, I color them back with a black marker. I used to spot clean these in the kitchen sink with an old toothbrush and laundry soap after practice for the summer street basketball league. They took so much beating but really held up well.

Played more pick-up in these than in the street team vs. street team leagues. I was not very good and played off the bench more to take fouls and defense. LOL Great times.

I was thinking about the modern big man when I did the sketch. Someone like DeMarcus Cousins came to mind with his size, strength and quickness. A developing low block player with array of post moves that can sometimes surprise by use of grace or brute force.

Looking at pen or pencil sketches reveal so much about what feeling a designer is trying to go for and sometimes it gets lost or gets tamed in the next steps of the process. I love the rawness of sketches! Does the energy of my sketch translate to the Photoshop render? Love to hear your thoughts!

A merry Christmas to you and your family!




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